Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Year to my blog followers and readers!!! I hope this year brings you much love, joy, prosperity, and good health!

My resolutions in 2012 are:
  1. Stay with Weight Watchers and keep losing!
  2. Focus on moving more.
  3. Read the Bible cover to cover! (My church is doing this together, you can learn more about it here: Project 4:4)
  4. Be better about cleaning our house regularly, not just when some one is coming over!

I've made up a little sheet that will be laminated and hung on our fridge to help me stay on track with these goals each week. I thought I'd share it with you so if you like it you can make your own. It was super easy to type up in Word and took all of 3 minutes to do.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas to me!

I have Christmas and birthday money to spend and yet I can't think of anything I want more than to reach my goal weight and live a healthy, active life from now on! Looking at the pictures below, I hardly recognize the girl in 2009 and what a great feeling that is! When I was that girl, I felt like I was about as big as I am now. Crazy how we lie to ourselves, isn't it?! I was so unhealthy and living in denial about just how big I really was. I look at that girl in 2009 and I feel elated that I'm not her anymore. In so many ways, I've changed since that picture was taken. Not to be "braggy", I'm a better person inside and out. I've grown so much as I've shrunk and I can't wait to see how much more I grow during 2012!


Monday, December 5, 2011

No More Soda

this photo is not mine, it has many online sources that I've found
I've said it before and meant it when I said it then. I'm saying it again and hope to hold true to it this time. I'm giving up Diet Coke. I've read many articles lately about how back diet soda is for you and the side-affects it can give you and realized that I have many of those side-affects and I don't want to poison my body any longer. Yesterday I had two cans left in my fridge and I drank them both. Now there is no soda for me in the house to be tempted with. I want one right now, but I'm chewing gum instead. I don't want one bad enough to get in the car to go get one, so that's progress. Hopefully I can keep this up and be soda free forever! No more artifical sweeteners for me. No more addiction to something SO unhealthy for me!

Wish me luck, this might be a long week! 


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Starting again...again...again....

I realized last night why I've been on a "plateau" since July. My husband was doing WW with me and quit in July. It isn't his fault I basically quit, too, but at least I've now realized why I've done what I've done. Today I weighed in since I missed my Tuesday meeting thanks to a cold. It wasn't pretty, but I faced it anyway and am back to tracking faithfully as of today. I have some work to do to get back to my lowest weight since starting this journey, but at least I haven't gained any sizes! Thankful to be starting again with the knowledge of why I got off track to begin with. Short-term goals of mine are to get back to faithfully tracking every day. I started doing this yesterday and tracked almost everything I ate. Today I've tracked everything. I also plan to focus more on activity points and the healthy guidelines that WW provides. I know that these things will help me get back on track. My other short-term goal is to cut Diet Coke, the only soda I drink, out of my diet completely. I have two cans left in my fridge and then that's it. Water will be my priority and I'll use points to drink milk and juice, too, which I don't typically do. I don't want to end the year regretting this month like I've regretted the last few. I want to end the year on a positive note and get back to losing weight. My health depends on it!