Friday, July 1, 2011

Perfect Girls

Real girls aren't perfect.
Perfect girls aren't real.

I just read that saying online a few days ago and thought I'd share it with you all. How true it is! Real women aren't perfect, we all have imperfections. We aren't good at cleaning our houses, are over-weight, are too thin, don't read our Bibles enough, are bad drivers, forget to return library books,  lose things, have baskets of laundry everywhere, have enough dust bunnies under our beds to create a cat, or forget to feed the dog. That is real. That is normal.

Perfection isn't something I even strive for. As a Christian, I believe that only God above is perfect and that no human being is, or ever will be, perfect. It is not possible to be perfect. Even Martha Stewart and Jillian Micheals aren't perfect. We, as women, need to stop comparing ourselves to other women, especially to super models and celebrities in all of their air-brushed glory. 

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Is this what perfect looks like? 
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 Or this?

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Is she perfect?
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What about her?

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Are these women perfect?

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Not one of the women above are perfect. Not one of them is more "real" than another. I often see plus-sized women defending their size by calling themselves "real." Would that make thin girls fake? Are they some kind of animal or monster? No, we're all human no matter what kind of body we wear. God doesn't make mistakes or fake people. We're all real and beautifully imperfect. Ask any women out there, even the ones who seem to be perfect, and there will be something she's unhappy with about her body or herself. Everyone has some kind of imperfection. I'm writing this today to encourage you all, and to remind myself to do the same, to embrace those imperfections and love yourselves anyway. You are beautiful in the eyes of God and those who love you, cherish that and give yourself a break. Perfect isn't real.

Most of you read my blog because you're trying to lose weight. I hope that you're trying to lose weight to get healthy. I hope you're not trying to lose weight to get skinny and to be "perfect". I hate to say it, but if you are losing for those reasons, you will never reach your goal. You will always have imperfections. Instead of fighting them, love yourself.



Twix said...

This post is beautiful, THANK YOU!

debkhershberger said...

AMEN!!! So very very true!!

Adrienne said...

Wow I would rather look like any of those plus size models than the deathly looking ones. YIKES!!!