Friday, December 28, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in {December 28, 2012}

I tracked every bite I took for three days this week. I drank plenty of water five days. I ate far too many Christmas treats six days. Despite not being 100% dedicated, I just weighed myself at home and lost two pounds this week! I'll take it! Next week my son will be back in school and I'll attend a Weight Watchers meeting for the first time in a very long time. I'm looking forward to it! How was your week?

Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the end of the world as I know it!

This morning I woke up and saw many posts on facebook about it being the end of the world. According to the Mayan calendar, today was supposed to be the day that the world ends. I guess they figured out that the sun was going to explode or a meteor would crush us or something like that. I'm a Christian and believe what the Bible says, that no one knows the day except for God! I think it's a little funny, though, that today of all days is the day that I chose to restart my weight-loss journey. Today, is the end of the world as I know it (go ahead, sing know you want to.... ♫ I feel fine! ♫).

  • Today, ends the bad habits that have lead me to where I am today.
  • Today ends the excessive intake of sweets.
  • Today ends the lazy all-day couch sitting marathons.
  • Today ends the choice of diet soda over water.
  • Today ends the carb overloads.

There are many things that need to end in order for me to get on track and stay there. When I lost 90+ pounds before, I was fooling myself and I'm pretty sure I was fooling many people around me. I didn't really change my habits, which was why it was so easy for me to gain it back. I wasn't exercising nearly enough, I was still eating whatever I wanted just in reduced quantities, and I wasn't building healthy habits. That ends today. Today I am beginning to build healthy habits that I'll be able to continue for the rest of my life, which hopefully will be longer than today! ;)


Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Beginnings

Well, here I am again. Starting over. No looking back at my failures, but only at my successes to move forward and be inspired and reminded that I can do this! I'm weighing in tomorrow (yes, I'm starting the week of Christmas) and will be back to blogging. I had started a new blog once before, but this one feels like home, so this is where I'll be posting.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I've Lost It!

Last year I walked the 5K and 10K in the Fargo Marathon and I think a bug bit me. I was hooked to doing events and winning medals! I haven't done any events since, but I love seeing my medals every day hanging at my desk and I love the feeling I had when I completed those races. I just walked them, and not even that fast, but the sense of accomplishment gave me such a high and I want to relive it!

I signed up to do the 5K and the 10K again in May in Fargo. I'm looking forward to them and hope to be able to run some this year. Then I really lost it... I signed up to do a HALF MARATHON in September!


I can't believe I did that! The self-doubter in me is telling me that there's no way I can do it, but the optimist in me knows that I can and will do it well. So today I re-started the Couch to 5K program to start jogging. It was cold outside and I didn't feel like going to the gym to get on a treadmill, so I walked and ran around my house, literally. I'm sure if anyone had seen this, they would have thought I truly lost it, but I was running laps around my living room, down the hall to my son's room, into the guest room, down to the kitchen and back through the living room. HA! I know that's weird, but it worked for me! I'm looking forward to spring to get outside to do the program as I have an irrational fear of running on a treadmill. In the mean time, I'll run around my house and work up my endurance and, come spring and the races in Fargo, I'll be running!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Serving False Gods

I just weighed in this morning at WW and lost two pounds!!! So glad to finally have a weight-loss on the scale. The last few months have been tough on me. To be honest, I wasn't tracking, working out, or really putting much forward at all as far as losing weight goes. I was embarrassed to list my gains on my sidebar on the left side of this blog and left a few months blank until today. Today I decided that I ought not to be ashamed, but to move forward and not look back. I've learned from my mistakes and I'm ready to really move forward and get to my goal weight. This isn't a New Year resolution. This isn't a short-term thing. I need to do this for the rest of my life to be healthy and happy and be the best woman I can be. I can no longer serve this false god of food. Only one GOD is for me and I love and worship Him and I will no longer allow myself to serve food more than I serve Him. I will not try to fill any voids in my life with food. I will no longer try to stuff down feelings with food. If I'm stressed out, I'll work out and pray along the way. Turning to food is a sin and I'm confessing now that I've used it in place of my God. No longer. I've said it before, I'm starting over. No quitting this time and with God's help, I'll reach my goal in 2012. I will be honest along the way, with myself, with Him, and with you, my blog readers, friends, and family. I will blog more to be accountable, so stay tuned! :)