Friday, January 11, 2013

Second Chances

I have "restarted" this journey many times. I restarted a few weeks ago and have added in extra support recently. This past week some friends and I started a group in Facebook to support each other in healthier lives by posting our daily exercise and something positive about ourselves. Another friend of mine and I check in with each other almost daily to challenge each other to make better choices for our health and we just started challenging each other to get our homes cleaned, too! Today, yet another friend and I started a weekly weigh-in with each other for accountability. I'm so blessed to have these women in my life!! At my church this month, we are learning about our God of second chances. We can go back to God anytime, no matter what we've done in the past. He's always there waiting for us. Last Sunday two Season 13 The Biggest Loser contestants, Buddy Shuh and Mark Cornelison, spoke at church about second chances. Before I first joined WW, I prayed to God about losing weight. I've had many successes and struggles since. I've had far more struggles lately and I feel that with these new forms of support I'm getting my second chance. God is so good!



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I also restarted in January and there's no turning back now, right? Right!

God IS good!

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Sorry...don't mean to spam you just did a typo up there!