Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is here and Tuesday Weigh-in!

Bye-bye January!! Even though I lost 5.4 pounds in January, I'm glad to see the month gone. One month closer to spring and there's just something about February that I love. I weighed in this morning and lost one pound this week! Yay! So glad to have a loss. I caught myself being disappointed that it wasn't two pounds to take me to -70, but I stopped myself from going there and am so happy to have lost a pound this week! Maybe next week I'll reach -70!

My New Year resolutions are all going well with the exception of a picture each day. I didn't last long with that one and was just doing it for fun anyway. It ended up being more work than fun and I stopped. That's okay, because the other resolutions are the ones that really matter anyway, continuing on my healthy journey and growing in my faith. Organizing the house is going, slowly, but steadily.

On the right side of the page there is a link to my facebook page. Go check it out! I'm doing a challenge right now to drink more water and am holding myself accountable on FB. Join me!



Connie said...

You're so close to your 70 pound mark!! How exciting!

Great job on the 5.4 pounds this month.

Annie said...

Thanks, Connie. :)