Monday, January 31, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday

A Short Survey

1) What is your favorite household chore? And what is your least favorite?
I like vacuuming. And my least favorite is folding laundry.

2)What is your favorite city?
Florence Italy

3) Have you found real love yet?
Yes, we've been married 10 1/2 years.

4) What's one thing you eat almost everyday?

5) What was your last thought before falling asleep last night?
I'm usually in prayer as I fall asleep and last night I was praying for a friend and an aunt.

6) What's the worst injury you had as a child?
Hmm...I didn't get hurt often, never broke a bone or had stitches. I did get a goose egg bump on my forehead in grade school when a classmate accidentally tripped me in gym class and a slid head first into the wall. Or there was the time that I fell while roller skating in high school and hurt my tail bone pretty badly.

7) Will you/have you worked out today?
I'll work out with Jillian's 30 Day Shred tonight, maybe doing two levels. Roads are too slick to get to the gym and I'm getting windows installed in my house today, so I'm not working out in front of those guys!

8) Do you tweet? If so, what's your name?
I have twitter, but rarely use it. I'm @AnnieWeighs

9) List three things you wouldn't want to live without:
Bible, family, computer/iPhone

10) Hold old were you when you had your first kiss?
I don't remember if I was a jr. or sr. in high school. Just a quick peck and it certainly didn't send off any fireworks! Haha!

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Brandi. said...

I've always wanted to go to Italy. :)
I've never broken a bone, either! It's not a very common thing {at least as I've seen}.
Hope you have a great week!

Nona said...

I love your answer to No. 4. My kinda girl!!! I firmly believe that a chocolate a day keeps the doctor away. :)