Friday, January 21, 2011


Apparently I'm a stylish blogger! Both Moving Mertle and Eve gave me this award! Thank you both! :o)

Award Rules:

Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award
Share 7 things about yourself
Award 5 bloggers who have "Stylish" blogs.

1. Click on their names above to read all about these two terrific gals. :)
2. Seven Things about me:

    My favorite nail color is OPI Bogota Blackberry

    My favorite flower is a hot pink gerbera daisy. White calla lilies take a close, close second.

    My favorite pampering thing is a long bubble bath.

    My favorite book in the Bible is Isaiah

    My favorite cardio machine is the elliptical, at the same time it is my least favorite!

    My favorite beverage is water with lemon in it, in just three weeks I've acquired a love for it.

    My favorite material item is my Coach purse. It was a splurge for me to get it, I used birthday and Christmas money, but I love it!

    5 Stylish Blogs that I'd like to pass this award onto are:



    Eve said...

    I love your Coach purse! I splurged on my gorgeous Coach leather purse when I was in Orlando in September! And a matching leather wallet! That was my treat to myself since I couldn't buy any clothes when I was on vacation! And your pic of the water with lemon in it makes me really thirsty!! =)

    Christine said...

    Thanks for the award, I will do it tomorrow. Loved your answers...think I will copy the categories...don't think I have ever discussed any of them.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the award!!! That coach bag is to die for!!