Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Cooking Show!

Hungry Girl has many books and a fantastic website full of tips, ideas, and recipes to slim down your favorite foods and now she has a brand new TV show that starts today on the cooking channel. I'm so excited to see it, I've set my DVR! Learn more about it here:  For those on WW, she often gives the points values for her recipes, too, so it takes the work out of it for you!

The first episode is all about pizza and who doesn't like pizza?! If you don't have the cooking channel, you can still get the recipes and tips. Here's the link from the first episode:

Enjoy the new show, I'm certain I will!



Moving Mertle said...

Thanks for the news! I can't wait to watch her.

Lucy K said...

Yay! I got two of her cookbooks for Christmas. I hope you have a great week!