Saturday, January 1, 2011


Yesterday after I wrote my New Year Resolution post, I had a "God wink", as I call them. A God wink is defined, by me, as a little feeling or intuition that tells you to do something when you weren't thinking of it already. Like back in August of 2005 when I wasn't a day late yet for my TOM and I thought to take a test and found out I was pregnant. Yesterday the God wink was to go to the Fargo Marathon site to see about participating in their 5K this year. I'm originally from Fargo ND and I have many family members and friends who participate in the marathon events. The God wink lead me to sign up for the 5K race and the 10K! Yikes!!! I walk 5K's all of the time, but not 10K's! I know I can do it, though. I got my DH to sign up for the 5K, too, and I'll be walking the 10K with my mom. I'm not doing the events for speed or anything like that, just to do it and know that I can do it (and get a little medal, too!). ;) So God gave me a wink and said, "Go ahead and resolve to do the 5K and 10K...I'll be there with you!" I have two little tickers up on the right sidebar to show when the races are. I'm nervously excited!


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Yummy-Mummy said...

I've signed up to do the Edinburgh Half Marathon this year - 13.5 miles - in APril, which is massive for me.

Good luck to you, and I'd love to hear any training tips you have!

Well done on all the progress you've made. You're an inspiration.