Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weigh-In Day Tips To Ensure a Loss

I've had some people ask me for tips for weigh-in day on how to budge the scale just a little bit more. Here are my top ten tips!
  1. Take a shower the night before. Your body absorbs water when you shower and you don't want to risk adding water weight the day you weigh-in.
  2. Shave your legs, arms, anything you can and feel comfortable can weigh a lot!
  3. Make sure you use a loofa in the shower the night before, too. Dead skin can really add up.
  4. Take off all fingernail and/or toenail polish.
  5. No product in your hair to style it and skip the conditioner, too.
  6. Take off all jewelry!
  7. Wear contacts, not glasses. Glasses are heavy!
  8. Step on your home scale at least once every hour before you go so that you know exactly what to expect and maybe it will go down more! Plus you'll burn some more calories stepping on and off of it.
  9. Blow your nose really well.
  10. Make sure you don't eat anything within 12 hours of weighing in. Your body needs time to digest food and get it out so it won't weigh you down. This is why weighing first thing in the morning is best.

 I hope you don't believe a single thing I just listed above! Photobucket What should you do on your weigh-in days? Go potty, have a good BM if you can, and then get on the scale. If you're weighing in at WW or later in the day, take a shower and go on with your day. Perhaps eat lightly, but don't starve yourself and hold back on water until after your weigh-in, but otherwise just live your day like any other day. Doing all of those silly things above isn't going to change how you did all week leading up to your weigh-in! What you do day to day, week to week, is what is going to be reflected upon on the scale. Be accountable for the choices you make all week long and as long as you're making healthy choices, the number on the scale will reflect that naturally over time! Anticipate set-backs, no matter how "good" you've been. They happen and it's okay! Just stay on track and the scale will reflect it with time.



FatGirl said...

Oh man I was starting to think you had lost your mind lol

Amy said...

You had me! I was thinking, "oh...that shower one is a good idea."

The most desperate thing I've ever done to get the scale to move was to get a really short haircut.

Karen and Gerard said...

Great advice! You should wear light-weight clothes too.

Pretty Pauline said...

HA! This totally cracked me up! LOL!

Everyday Kathy said...

What a riot!

Visiting from Mrs. 4444's Sampling! Nice to meet you!

Mrs4444 said...

Excellent! That means I probably lost about a pound today--I finally shaved my legs! :)

gaelikaa said...

Funny post!