Monday, December 5, 2011

No More Soda

this photo is not mine, it has many online sources that I've found
I've said it before and meant it when I said it then. I'm saying it again and hope to hold true to it this time. I'm giving up Diet Coke. I've read many articles lately about how back diet soda is for you and the side-affects it can give you and realized that I have many of those side-affects and I don't want to poison my body any longer. Yesterday I had two cans left in my fridge and I drank them both. Now there is no soda for me in the house to be tempted with. I want one right now, but I'm chewing gum instead. I don't want one bad enough to get in the car to go get one, so that's progress. Hopefully I can keep this up and be soda free forever! No more artifical sweeteners for me. No more addiction to something SO unhealthy for me!

Wish me luck, this might be a long week! 



mary said...

i can go for months without having soda...not that i have lately
but the one time i gave it up for 6 months i finally fit into my skinny fat jeans. perhaps its time again

Barb S said...

Wow...good luck!

Jennifer said...

Good for you! I think sometimes WW forgets to teach us that just because something says "diet" or "sugar free" does not mean it's good for us. That's something we have to learn on our own.

You can do it!

Kelly said...

Keep up the great work Annie - I love it when you are blogging, you keep me so inspired!

hollydlr said...

So proud of you Annie! All types of addictions can be so hard to kick - especially food ones! Its not like being addicted to drugs or alcohol, which are socially acknowledged as bad. Am I making sense? Anyway, I am in solidarity with you as I work on breaking my own food addictions too. Stay strong! Just say NO to soda! You can do it! :)

Kari@Onederland said...

Gooooood Luck!!!! It's so hard to give up a bad habit. I'm trying to quit smoking again. ugh. As for the soda, I go in spurts. I drink lots for many days in a row (we'll even buy some to have at home" and then I'll go months where I might only have a couple sodas a month (not buying any to have in the house). It's nasty stuff for sure, it's just so hard. Not impossible, just hard. You can do it!!