Tuesday, October 26, 2010


One is a lonely number, but I've been waiting to see it for quite a long time!! I haven't seen this specific "one" since about 2001! This "one" is not the first number of my weight just yet, but it is the first number in my jeans size! I bought a pair of jeans today in a size 18 to have them ready to go whenever I got there. My 20's were getting loose, but not so loose that I thought I'd be ready for the 18's. I tried on the 18's when I got home to see just how far I had to go before they'd fit and guess what?! They fit! I pulled them on with ease, zipped and buttoned them and I can sit in them and breathe at the same time! I know for so many of you out there a size 18 wouldn't be anything to celebrate, but when you start at a size 24, 18 feels pretty darn awesome!

OoooOOooooo....did you catch that?! I shared something specific about my size! I haven't done that yet on this weight-loss journey of mine with anyone other than my hubby, WW leader, and doctor!



Anonymous said...

Congrats, that rocks! NSV always feel sooo good it makes me want to get rid of the scale....well, almost makes me want to :)

CJ said...

Congrats! Its a great NSV, something to be proud of :)

cmoursler said...

I had a post very similar...CONGRATULATIONS! And here is to all the firsts that will be coming your way.

MizFit said...


Connie W said...

That is AWESOME Annie!!