Saturday, November 6, 2010

Willpower or God's power?

Webster's dictionary defines willpower as:



noun \ˈwil-ˌpa(-ə)r\

Definition of WILLPOWER

: energetic determination 
I've had several people comment to me that they wish they had my willpower when it comes to weight-loss. An "energetic determination" to make a change is what is often needed to make such a life change as losing weight and bringing exercise and healthy habits into one's life. However, willpower isn't how it all started for me. You see, I wanted another baby. I prayed for another baby. I begged God to answer my prayer and give us another child. It was what I wanted. God didn't answer that prayer, though. So, instead of complaining to God about it, I started listening to what He wanted for me. Then my prayer changed and I asked God to either give me another baby or help me lose weight and get healthy so that I could fully enjoy the child I already have. My prayer was slowly answered as my desire to have another child weakened as I gave that desire to God. Instead of praying for another baby, I prayed to God to lead me and use me for his glory. I asked him to guide me. God answered my prayer one day in April when I was at the doctor for a bad ear infection. There was a Weight Watchers pamphlet on the desk in the exam room and while I waited for the doctor to come in I read it. I had done WW online in the past, but this pamphlet was about going to meetings and, with a doctors note, having flex benefits money pay for the meetings. I asked my doctor about it and she said that WW is the only weight-loss program she recommends to her patients, she wrote a prescription for WW right then. God gave me a way to pay for the meetings, something my husband and I, at the time, couldn't have afforded otherwise, and a doctor who was excited about it for me. I joined WW a few weeks later and haven't looked back. Now that I've lost 55.8 pounds, I find that I'm a better mother. I play with my son so much more than I used to. I have the energy to be calm with him when he's pushing my buttons. I still want another baby...someday, but I know that right now isn't the time that God has planned for us to have another. Perhaps we never will, but I trust Him with that and know that His plan is flawless. Knowing this, I don't need willpower to carry on, I already have God's power!



Amy said...

I think you've really hit on something. Most of us who have weight issues have them because we use food to make us feel better about a variety of things. When we lean on God for that healing, we find the food doesn't care the same restorative power. I'm sharing this post on my FB page today.

Sharon said...

What an excellent post! I'm so glad Amy posted a link for this. :)
I can really relate. I reached my goal weight thanks to WW, as well as Jillian Michael's shred & Last Chance Workout. It's amazing how long it felt it took, but at the pace it did take, the changes were lasting.

I had a few people remark to me that it must have been easier for me because I had willpower.
That was almost offensive. NO WAY! I had to work very hard for it, and basically train myself to FIND the willpower.

This is such a great post. Congrats on your weight loss! And I hope that some day you find your prayers answered for that baby.

Connie W said...

What a great story Annie!

Pencil Skirt Bound said...

Love this post! Way to go!!!!