Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Skinny Fat vs. Healthy & Fit

     I haven't written a post for a few weeks, so just wanted to check in with anyone who may be reading! I lost 2.1 pounds last week. What's different is that I hardly tracked anything I ate with WW last week. I was slacking, but just trying to make better food decisions and move more. When I was doing Weight Watchers before, I was set on counting points and NEVER missed a day of tracking. I'd track as soon as I ate, or quite often would even before I took a bite. I was fully dedicated to losing weight. I was also very focused on getting thinner, however I wasn't necessarily focused on getting healthier. I wasn't working out, I wasn't getting good nutrition, I was just eating smaller quantities of junk. This time, I'm much more focused on getting healthy. It's not about the size I wear or the numbers on the scale, those will drop with time because I'm making choices to eat healthier foods, move more, lift weights, and drink more water. I'm focused on being fit and healthy, not skinny. I heard a new-to-me term the other day, "skinny fat". I understand it to mean skinny people who are actually fat as far as their health goes. Just because they wear smaller sizes and look thin when dressed doesn't mean that they're healthy. Their cardiovascular system is weak, their bones are weak, they have very little muscle mass. I want to transform myself into someone who's physically fit. Like I said, smaller numbers on the scale and in my clothes will come along with that, but it's not my main focus. I'm still going to stick with WW, at least for now, and track what I'm eating. I'll still stick with weighing myself weekly as I think it's a good reflection of what the week was. I will, however, not let those things determine how I'm feeling about myself.


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