Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Here I am today. I've lost 8.3 pounds. I wish I would have taken pictures when I started tracking almost three weeks ago, but I didn't think to before today. So, like I did before, I'll take these photos every 10 pounds I lose. It gives me perspective as to what it looks like to lose ten pounds. It really can make a difference! Since I'm so close to losing 10 already, I won't take the photos at -10 pounds, but will again at -20. Losing another 1.7 isn't going to look any different on me at this point. :)

When I look at these pictures I have very mixed emotions. I think I'm a pretty lady in the first picture of just my face. I think my cheeks look fuller than I want them to, but I'm happy with the overall look. The other three pictures bother me, a lot. I know what the scale says. I know how I feel (tired), but until I saw the pictures, I didn't realize how others saw me. That's a big girl! I have a long road ahead of me to reach my goals, but I'm certain that I can not only reach them, but maintain them. I will not go back to this again. I can't go back here again if I want to live the full life I want.



Lisa said...

So you said your were using the old WW system right?

Man I wish I still had my info for that. I truthfully liked it better than how it is set up now. It was just much easier for some reason to stay on track and lose.

I find it really hard to lose with the new system!

Annie said...

Lisa, there's info all over the internet for the old Flex program! I found mine on Pinterest. :) You can do it!