Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Vlog: What's in a Name and My Purse


The Monthly VLOG Challenge for May...

Emmy Mom @ One Day at a Time wants to know...Is there a name you can't stand and why? And along with this do you like your own name?

Shawn and Mamarazzi also asked This or That questions:

Ocean or Mountains?
Sweet or Salty?
Early Bird or Night Owl?
Edward or Jacob?
Book or Kindle?
Manicure or Pedicure?
MAC or PC?

And finally the Show and Tell portion: Beth @ Living a Goddess Life wants to know: What is in your handbag/purse?

Okay! So did you love this? If so, please do it, too, and tell them I sent you! It is fun!!

BTW, Connie @ The Young and The Relentless sent me!

Edited to add at 10PM to answer a common question in the comments:

I'm originally from North Dakota. I lived there until I was 25 and then moved to Oklahoma before moving to Nebraska where I've been nearly 5 years. So, yes, I'm from the North and have a bit of a funny accent. When I go up to visit family and friends in ND, though, I now hear their accents, so I know that I don't have it as thick as they do and I do refrain from phrases like "Yeah, sure you betcha" and "Uff da" and I call soft drinks "soda", not "pop".  Photobucket



MiMi said...

Finally someone actually said a name they don't like! I did too, and I think we're the only ones!
I LOVE your bag. Puffy heart love. :) And sparkles!

Connie said...

I love your purse Annie! I keep looking at Coach bags but....I just can't spend the money!

I really need to get one of those purse hooks!

Thanks for joining us today!

sarajo said...

I think MACs are totally winning. They are just awesome! I love my MAC!

And that is a super cute purse! Loved the three hand sanitizers! I need to pick some up.

Great vlog!!

Shawn said...

First 83.4 pounds in one year! Way to go!

Love the purse, love, love, love!

Clearly one can never have enough hand sanitizer! My kids are 16 & 11 and I still carry wet wipes, I think those are something no one will ever outgrow!

Do I hear a little Canada in your accent?

I'm so happy for you getting your first pedicure ,there's not much else like it! And I;m even more thrilled to hear that you;re going to be doing our Monthly VLOG again!

I love Fleur De Lis, I would use a purse hook if I could find one like that and not a Granny looking one.

Clean and organized purse, you are a girl after my own heart!

Thanks for lining up!

Mamarazzi said...

this is my first visit to your blog. i am so glad you linked up.

i am super impressed with your weight loss. you go girl!!

you are darling. are you in Nebraska or one of the Dakotas or maybe Minnesota? you sound very Northern.

love your bag.

thanks again for linking up and i am looking forward to seeing more next month!

Mamarazzi said...

oh i went to reply to your comment on my blog, i always like to reply via email and your email address is not enabled.

did you know that?

this means that you spend so much time leaving lovely comments on people's blogs and they have no way of responding to a question or thanking you for stopping by or just continuing the conversation...because instead of your email address all they see is "no-reply comment".

sad right?

you can fix that if you like.

just go to your dashboard, click edit profile and click show email address and then click save profile.


and i PROMISE if you change this blogging will get even better and become even more fun!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

This is my first time visiting your blog! Great vlog! And Congrats on the weight. I might have to try Weightwatchers if I can afford it. Go girl!
I was going to ask where you are from too with the accent!
Have a great day