Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in!

Starting Weight: 292
Last Week: 211
This Week: 208.6
Weekly Loss: -2.4
Total Loss: -83.4

I'm happy to report a 2.4 pounds loss this week! I lost what I gained last week over Easter weekend and managed to lose just a little bit more, too. I now weigh what I weighed in late 2002!

For my friend who compares pounds to sticks of butter: 83.4 pounds equals 333.6 sticks of butter! Photobucket

My son's 5th birthday party last week was a blast, thank you to those who wished him a happy day!



Moving Mertle said...

Finally have time to read blogs again. Congrats on the loss and I love your new pic of you in the white dress shirt. Lookin' good lady

Jennifer said...

awesome! That's a lot of butter! hahaha!

Beth in NC said...

Congratulations! You look awesome!

Beth in NC said...

BTW -- where did you find that WW button widget? I'd love to have it too. I'm on WW - now the Points Plus Plan. I have lost 17 pounds since Mar. 7th. :o)

marisol said...

Just recently found your blog. Congrats on your total loss. You are doing great!