Saturday, July 26, 2014

Active Goals


  I have my Active Link goals after my week long assessment. My WW leader told me to not try to be a rock star during my assessment week and just do what I normally do for activity. Well, that's not much, so even though I felt ready to go for more walks, do some yoga (more on that another day), and really move during my day, I didn't. So, my ActiveLink goals are small, but completely attainable if I just get up and move more during my day and go for a walk or do some yoga. It gave me a 12 week challenge to bump up my activity and, once I'm done with that, I can set up another 12 week goal if I'd like. I'm excited to get moving and earn some activity points and see those lights light up to 100%!


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Anonymous said...

The ActiveLink will help you a lot with increasing your activity. It's very interesting to see what you do each minute of the day. Good luck!