Friday, May 21, 2010

Yummy Lunch

Today starts a new week for counting points and I'm trying to do better than last week in hopes to lose 3.8 pounds to reach my 5% loss goal! When I reach it I have a pretty nail polish for my toes waiting as a reward. In order to do that, I'm using the old version of WW where points are given solely based upon my weight, rather than the quiz they use now. According to the quiz, I get 34 daily points plus the 35 weekly points. The old version I get 31 daily and still get the 35 weekly that I'm going to do my best to avoid eating this week, too. Hopefully this will be the week to get me back on track and focused!

Today my lunch was so yummy, I thought I'd share it!

Honey roasted turkey, 2 slices = 1 point
1 Tbsp pesto = 2 points
1 slice of provolone cheese = 3 points (need to find a low fat substitute for this one!)
1 sandwich thin bun = 1 point (these are SO good!)

First I toasted the sandwich thin. Then I spread the pesto on each side, a little goes a long way so one table spoon is the perfect amount. Next I layered the cheese and turkey and then I popped the whole thing into the microwave until the cheese was melted. I had a side of one cup of sliced strawberries for a 7.5 point lunch. So good and so filling!

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