Monday, August 30, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday

Friend Makin' Monday is here! I used to have another blog and participated in FMM, but haven't done it on this blog yet. It is just a fun way to share something about yourself and then link up with others who are answering the same questions to meet new bloggers.

I like...painting. Walls or art, it relaxes me.

I don't, but I love the results!

I family.

I dream of...being at my goal weight and running a marathon.

I wonder...what God has in store for myself and my family; are we done with one or will we someday have another child? How long will we live in Nebraska?

I know...that my family means the world to me.

I a birthday party yesterday and I ate only half of a small piece of cake for three points.

I weed my flower beds, they look terrible right now.

I think...I'm going to make my "mini" goal this week!

I do some major cleaning today. Good times...

I regret...nothing. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for the choices I made in the past.

I do...want to someday go back to school. I need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up first, though.

I drink...a lot of water every day and the occasional diet coke and not much else.

I wish...I was better about taking my vitamins.

I am...further along on this weight-loss journey than I thought I'd be by now and am very pleased with that!

I am not...anywhere near my goal weight yet, one day at a time and I'll get there!

I get to bed at a decent hour more often.

I graduated...from high school in 1996. Some days that feels like forever ago and other days I can't believe it's been that long!

I hope...that I can have my basement back to normal soon. We came home to water after our vacation and all that has been done so far is drying it out. Lots to get done!

I hair to grow a little faster. I've been growing it since April when my hair stylist cut it way too short!

I sometimes...spend more time in the bathroom longer than needed just to get some quiet alone time.

I always...pray daily.

I can...sing and play piano. Some say I'm pretty good at it, too. ;o)

I work...from home. Besides being a stay-at-home mother, I teach piano/vocal lessons and sell cute things that I make/paint.

I cannot...wait for fall. I'm ready for the beautiful colors of the trees, pumpkin patch trips, hay rides, apples and cooler temps!

I avoid...olives, mayonnaise, and avocados...yuck.

I a weight watcher for life. This doesn't end once I reach my goal weight. It is a new lifestyle that I will live with forever.



ham1299 said...

Happy FMM! :-) Congrats on losing so much weight! I'm working on losing weight, too. I know what you mean about high school. I graduated in 1995, and feel the same way!

My post is here:

Sheilagh said...

I am a newbie with FMM I love it:)


shortmama said...

I dont like cleaning or painting! I like to see it when its done and wish it wasnt me doing it LOL

Stacie said...

We avoid all of the same things, I don't eat any of those either!

freaking awesome body said...

I'm giving you a blogging award. You can veiw it on my blog! =)

<3 Katie