Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation Weigh-in #2

I'm still on vacation and I drove an hour and a half today to get to a WW meeting to weigh in! How's that for dedication?! :) I lost 1.6 pound, so that totals 37 pounds in 15 weeks! I'm happy to have lost again while on vacation with so many temptations around. That is the beauty of WW. It is simple no matter where you are and you can have whatever you'd like as long as you're accountable for it and track the points. I have had cookies, s'mores, and fried fish and still managed to lose 3.4 pounds so far on our family vacation. It can be done! Now I have only 5 more pounds to lose by Labor Day to reach my next goal.



Anonymous said...

Annie, You're such an inspiration! Keep it up.

Connie W said...

Annie!! You rock!

CJ said...