Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Vacation Photos

We're back home after a fantastic vacation! Here are just a few photos from our time away...

The new background is to reflect a special day this week for myself and my husband. We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary on Wednesday!! Wow how time flies! To think that ten years have already gone by is strange to me. I don't feel old enough to have been married ten years!

This is a big week for us as our DS also starts his second year of preschool on Thursday, too! He is growing up way too fast. No longer is he my little baby boy, he's a big kid now and knows the ropes of preschool. He's so excited to start on Thursday.

In other news, I have a new partner for my WW journey and I'm very excited for that! Their name will be withheld unless I get permission, but I'm so thrilled to have someone to do WW with me and for the support we'll be able to give each other!

As far as my weight-loss goes this week. We'll see! I haven't eaten well the last few days due to being on the road back home and such, plus TOM is due to visit by week's end, so there's that, too. Hopefully I'll have a loss on Thursday despite all of that! I'm still tracking my points and sticking with the program, so it shouldn't be bad.



CJ said...

Nice pics! Can't wait to see more :)

Connie W said...

Great photos!

Happy Anniversary! 10 years is a great milestone!