Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What I Eat: Volumn 2

I don't typically eat the same thing day in and day out, but a reader asked what I do usually eat each day. Since WW is based off of points and everyone's allotted points are different (based on gender, weight, height, activity level...etc), the way I eat now is different than the way I ate 40+ pounds ago and it will continue to change as I lose more weight in the future. That said, my typical day looks something like this:

bagel thin with peanut butter, oatmeal or cereal
yogurt or fruit, sometimes both

turkey sandwich on a sandwich thin or a Smart Ones frozen meal
1oz of chips and/or 1 cup of fruit/veggies

Pasta and chicken are favorites, so usually when I cook it is one of those things. Right now turkey burgers are a favorite. I try to have my plate half full of veggies and fruit or a side salad, too.

I love the ranch multigrain crisps from WW for 2 pts, also WW brand ice cream bars, skinny cow ice cream treats and stuff like that. If I find I'm hungry mid-day I'll have a piece of fruit or some carrots with cheese or dip.

I drink a lot of water. I'll have a diet coke every now and then, too. I try not to drink my points, so I usually stay away from juice. I should be better about drinking milk, but I do get plenty of dairy in my diet without it with yogurt and cheeses.

I've been awarded another blogging award! Katie at Getting My Freaking Awesome Body sent this to me, isn't it cute?! Thanks, Katie!



cmoursler said...

I like reading what other people eat. I am always impressed by the variety of what is acceptable at reduced calories. It goes to show you don't have to eat a bunch to have variety.

Kelly said...

That sounds like what I eat for the most part on a daily basis. I sometimes have to change things up...I get soooo bored so fast! And I definitely need to up my water intake. My problem is that I only like ice water, so I need to get one of those water bottles!

Connie W said...

I need to find those sandwich thins at the store!

Thanks for sharing!

freaking awesome body said...

You are welcome for the award =) I love reading your journey, and I do WW too! Keep up the great work!