Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fast Food Fast

Today is September 1st and today is the first day of my fast-food fast. For the month of September I will be staying away from all fast-food. Fast food is all too convenient for me. Within 5 minutes of my house in any direction there is McDonalds, Taco Bell, Fazoli's, Taco John's, Wendy's, Burger King, KFC, Popeyes Chicken, Culver's, Subway, and Dairy Queen...and I'm sure I forgot a few. I will allow myself Subway if I'm out and about and unprepared for lunch, but only Subway. No more french fries and my diet coke intake will be cut down, too, since I don't keep it at home and only drink it when we grab a meal out. Weight Watchers allows us to eat whatever we want, including fast-food, so this isn't a WW thing. It is my own decision to try to make another healthy change in my life. I don't need fast-food and, quite frankly, I don't think I'll miss the junk!

PS My friend, Connie, had the same great idea and posted about it yesterday! Go over to Fat to FIT Mommy! to see others who are also joining in this FFF!



Amy said...

I think this is kick in the pants I need. I'll do it with you.

simplybitten said...

I have been doing WW since April 17th. I was a big time fast food eater and still used some of my points for fast food...One day I just stopped, it wasn't even a conscious decision. This past weekend I decided to have some fries, they didn't even taste as good as I remembered! I have found so many other foods (that are healthy) that I like more! Sure, I will probably have fries again, but I realize now what I am NOT missing! I do still go to Subway too!
I don't remember how I found your blog, but I have really enjoyed seeing your progress! I especially love your progress pictures!! I don't really have any 'before' pictures and I totally regret it! Anyway, keep up the great work! you are not only doing something great for yourself, but you are helping many 'strangers' as well too!

hollydlr said...

That Happy Meal thing is scary, isn't it!?! I think maybe I should follow your lead, except my problem isn't fast food, its ice cream. Shall I do an ice cream fast? Sounds like a good plan. You are so inspiring!

Annie said...

Great, Amy!

Cyndee, what a sweet note. Thanks!

Holly, that happy meal article is so scary! Yuck!!! You go ahead with the ice cream fast, and I wish you the best of luck with it! Ice cream is not something I'm willing to give-up, though. I save points to have my ice cream! :)

Connie W said...

Thanks for joining in this Fast Food Fast! I'm sure it will help me know someone else is doing it too!

Kelly said...

Agh! No fast food?!? I think it's an excellent plan. I have a habit of going to Panara during the week (only twice) and sometimes, I talk myself into other things on the menu that I *know* I shouldn't get. Grrr.

Way to go!!

cmoursler said...

I don't eat fast food at all really. I did have some KFC a few months ago.
But I don't miss it and I save tons of money. good luck on your fast.

Ava said...

Congrats on giving up fast food. It's no good for anyone regardless of weight or size. A home cooked burger and fries is a zillion times healthier than something full of chemicals & preservatives that's 'cooked' in a pool of grease on a grill. Blech! I'm new to your blog and didn't find a link to contact you privately. I hope you won't mind the question but can you please share what your start weight was? Your progress pics had my jaw on the floor, you are turning into quite a beautiful swan. The progress you've made is amazing. Keep up the good work :)