Sunday, September 19, 2010

Letting Go

Today a group of three of my friends and I did a walk for The Open Door Mission. The ODM is an amazing place for the homeless in the Omaha Metro area. We toured the facilities and enjoyed the walk together despite the misty rain and cool temperature. 

I brought along with me three grocery bags of clothes to donate. Skirts, sweaters, jeans, shorts, and dress clothes. 20 pounds of clothes that are now too big for me are going to help women in my area. Letting those clothes go meant so much to me. I carried them a mile and a half to the mission. Friends offered to help carry them, but I insisted on doing it myself. One of my friends brought up that there are so many homeless in the area that probably don't even have one grocery sack full of anything to their names or all they do have is one bag full that they carry around day after day, through all kinds of weather. I could certainly carry my donations a mile and a half in the cold misty rain. I needed to carry it myself to truly be able to let them go, too. Letting those clothes go means that I don't have them to fall back on should I, God forbid, gain the weight back. Without those clothes to fall back into, I'm more likely to stay on track and not need them. Carrying the clothes was carrying only half of the weight I've already lost and it felt heavy at times during that short one and a half mile walk to the mission. Letting them go was a relief and the walk back was much easier for me. Just four short months ago I was walking around with twice that weight all over my body.

Today I walked a mile for the homeless, but I think it was me who benefited from the walk and from...letting go.

If you're anywhere near the Omaha NE area, please help the homeless at the Open Door Mission. The work they do is Christian-based work and they're not only helping feed and clothe the homeless, but they're helping them gain GED's and get jobs and, most importantly, they're bringing them to Jesus through the Gospel. A program like that deserves to be supported! Click HERE to learn more about Open Door Mission.



Kelly said...

Wow, that's just awesome! Great job!

cmoursler said...

nice. I am glad you were able to do that. It's very symbolic. We need symbolism. I burned mine. At each size...I took them out back and burned them LIke I had dreamed of doing. Good job.

Candace Gregory said...

Thanks Annie for being such an inspiation and encouragement to the Open Door Mission team and me:)

Blessings ONYA


T,V, W,I and G said...

Annie... this is amazing! Your progress and fortitude is AMAZING. Keep up the good work.. maybe when I get back from vacation I will join you on your crusade. I need inspiration! -V