Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh Ruby!

Call me slow, but I've just learned, through a Facebook post, about an ad campaign by The Body Shop that was out in 1998. Apparently The Body Shop wanted to show the world of cosmetics and fashion that women come in all sizes and we don't all look like Barbie dolls. The average size woman in the US is a size 14, this Ruby doll is a 16. I've read that Barbie would be a size 4.

With the Facebook posts made by my friends, I've read some comments about this ad that surprised me. Some have said that they think this ad is disgusting, that it allows women to give up on exercise and diet and that it's okay to be obese. One said that they felt that it was an "out" for women to let themselves go after having children. I disagree with these statements. I don't think this ad glamorizes obesity at all. I think it shows everyone that the majority of women have curves and lumps and bumps. I think it shows that there are few who don't have a shape similar to this in some way. Even women who work out and are physically fit have a curve, lump, or bump somewhere, especially if they've carried a child at some point.

I'm a size 14 right now. I look a lot more like Ruby than Barbie and so do pretty much every woman in my life with the exception of a few. Embracing different body types is a positive, good thing and I'm sad that this ad campaign didn't last longer.



Kelly said...

I agree with you! My goal is actually to be a size 14, so I think she looks pretty good, lol!

And keep up the amazing work!!

Lesa said...

When I saw the picture I thought "hey it looks like me!"

Lindsey said...

Did you hear about the girl who did a science project and actually built a life size barbie doll to see what she'd look like if she was human! It was so weird and disgusting!! I think it's a good thing to especially teach younger women that you don't have to be a size four to be beautiful! It's how you embrace what you have!!