Friday, June 10, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Last weekend DH came home from a month-long trip to England, we took DS to the circus and we got to meet the crew from the TIV from the TV show "Storm Chasers" it was such a fun weekend! I've included some pictures to share from our fun weekend below.

Elephants at the circus
It is Friday and I'm so glad for it! DS has been waking up early all summer and I've been going to bed late lately. These two things don't go hand-in-hand well and I'm tired! I usually sleep in on Saturdays, so tomorrow I'll catch up and then I'll be better about getting to bed at a decent time! Studies show that people who get at least 7 hours of sleep each night are most likely to lose weight and keep it off. Time to get some rest!

My guys and me with Sean Casey
 I've been told a lot lately that I'm an inspiration. That's the point of my blogging about this weight-loss journey of mine, to inspire others. I just want everyone out there who needs to lose weight to feel as good as I do! I've overcome a lot to get where I'm at and I'm still working on it, so I hope that I'm inspriring others along the way. After my conversation with my WW leader on Tuesday, I'm more motivated to reach my goals and become a WW leader. I think I'm finally headed in the direction to making a decision as to what I want to be when I grow up and I think it is going to be weight-loss/nutrition/fitness/helping others related.

DS and me in front of the TIV
I'm blogging right now to avoid cleaning my kitchen, changing sheets, and folding laundry. I really do need to get it done, but just don't want to! I sometimes wish there was a magic fairy to do these things for me. :)

 I love it when you leave comments on my blog! To inspire some answers, here are some questions...What is your least favorite household job? What do you do to make cleaning more fun? What inspires you?



Kimberlynn said...

What a fun post!

As for my least favorite household would have to be vacuuming!

To make it more fun...I have a household system on 3X5 cards so for me it's fun to finish my chores and put the cards in the done slot. Okay, I may be revealing a bit too much of myself here, but it's the truth! LOL

What inspires me...a clean house! I love it when everything is in its place, smells good, and looks beautiful. It also helps me to take better care of myself when my house is in order.


Anonymous said...

My least favorite chore is probably sweeping, because no matter what I do, the floor is always dirty again 5 minutes later!

I find cleaning is a lot more enjoyable if I have the house to myself and I can blast music while I do it. For some reason, I hate cleaning when other people are around.

But I do love the look of a clean and put together house, so that makes it all worth it!

Brenna said...

I dislike laundry the most. I have always disliked it but especially now that the laundry room is on the bottom (basement) of 4 floors! Luckily my hubby lugs the laundry up to the second floor and I distribute from there!
I do not know if I do anything to make it fun- but I do it to relax... cause I cannot relax if I see dust on the entertainment center or if the floor needs to be swept... I have a problem:) lol
I love your blog! I just started this journey. I am down 11 lbs with about 60 to go...