Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PCOS and Weight-Loss

Tonight I read this article about PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome) and weight-loss: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/maternal-ammunition/2011/mar/23/pcos-and-losing-weight/

I just want to write a brief note about this. I was diagnosed with PCOS June 2005. I went on metformin and, luckily for me, it was all that was needed to balance me out enough to have a baby. My baby is now 5 years old. I haven't been on metformin since then and am still losing weight. I'm writing to say that if you're suffering from PCOS, you don't have to listen when people say that you can't lose weight without medication. Yes you can, I did. Metformin is a good thing and I'm not saying otherwise, it is the answer to many PCOS related issues for most PCOS sufferers. I'm just saying that it's not the only way. I've lost 87 pounds with zero medication. The only changes I've made are in what I eat and how I exercise. Weight Watchers works. If you're suffering from PCOS and you want to lose weight, you can.  Stop using PCOS as an excuse as to why you can't lose weight and have faith in your ability to overcome it. Yes, it is more difficult for your body to lose weight and it will take more determination and work than the regular person, but it can be done. I'm living proof.



Sarah said...

Thanks for this post! I also have PCOS & am down 36 pounds so far. It's hard but NOT impossible! (And I refused the Metformin.)

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

Brittany said...

I have PCOS too! I definitely needed to hear this tonight. Thank you!!!

Chi Town said...

Hi Annie,

As a medical student, and someone who has had lots of personal altercations with PCOS, I was compelled to comment.

You are 100% correct in that you can lose weight while having PCOS. But based on the severity of the disease, it may be more or less difficult. Women with full fledged PCOS, which is treated with a combination of birth control and metformin, will have much more difficulty losing weight. For instance,when a normal woman may lose 2 lbs a week, someone with PCOS may lose 1 lb every 2 weeks. And if you are able to have PCOS and be unmedicated, it is likely that it is not as severe as you may have been led to believe.

No, it's not an excuse, but it's something to be mindful of so that if you are suffering from PCOS you don't get discouraged when you don't get the results you think you should be getting.

Much Love,

Annie said...

Hey Joslyn! I agree with you that it is more difficult and feel that I acknowledged that fact in my post. For the record, I opted out of birth control and metformin that was recommended by my reproductive endocrinologist. My PCOS isn't as severe as some (I've always been regular), but it us severe enough that my dr recommended medications. I just don't want to be taking pills forever so opted out of them. It isn't a choice for everyone with PCOS, but it was my choice. Anyway, the point of this post was to encourage other women with PCOS to not allow it to be an excuse as to why they can't lose weight. As I stated in the post, it will be more work, but it can be done!

Love ya girl!!

Kristen said...

Thank you for posting! Since my diagnosis of PCOS I've been determined to get the weight off. I'll be the first to say it definitely does not come off as fast. I take zumba classes 3-4xs a week and do the eliptical or walk on the treadmill every day. Not to mention lifting weight for toning. Lasts week's loss was only 2.2 which doesn't reflect the 10 hours I spent at the gym (I spend about 90 mins). I have to read the article but thank you for posting. You truly are an inspiration! It's great to have someone to follow. Sometimes the hubby just doesn't get it. :)