Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm proud to announce that I'm a loser! Another three pounds gone this week, a total of 18!

Wow! When I started going to WW meetings at the end of April, never did I think that I would be 18 pounds lighter in June. I thought it would take me much longer. So what is different this time around? Attending meetings. I've tried WW before and did it only online, and I had small success, but I never stuck with it. Now I look forward to my weekly meetings and getting the support from my leader and other ladies who are all working on weight-loss, too. I'm finding myself thinking less and less about the number on the scale and more on healthy choices and exercise. Already I'm thinking of those things and I've only gone to seven meetings so far! It makes me so excited to think about where I'll be a year from now. Will I be maintaining by then or at least close to my goal? Will I be walking 5K's every day? Could I possibly participate in a 10K or a half marathon by then? I have so many goals for next summer, so as long as I keep losing I'll be able to do it! I'm so motivated to just keep going with tracking my points, walking and keeping on the program. I can't wait for my next weigh-in next week! I hope to get to 20 pounds lost and earn another star sticker! That's my goal for this week. I have family coming into town next Friday, so to be able to say I've lost 20 pounds would be such a huge reward for me.

Here's to the following week!


Beth in NC said...

Hi Annie! It is so wonderful to meet you. Thanks for visiting me and commenting! I am so proud of your weight loss. I did WW online, but I did the Core Plan. I have really gotten off track since February and allowed white flour back into my diet. Since then, I have probably gained around 20 pounds. I MUST get my behind back on track!!!! I've come too far.

I hope you'll follow me and keep in touch. I'm trying to follow you, but google is giving me an error message. I'll keep trying.

Best of all blessings on your weight loss journey!


Sam said...

Hi Annie,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love all the accountability and charts you got going on! Congrats on your success so far, you are doing fantastic! I love my WW group and it definitley does make such a big difference. I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you better. I'm doing a free blog makeover, so make sure to stop by some time this weekend for my 100th post!