Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cravings or Habit?

I've been thinking this week about cravings. Right now I'm days away from TOM visiting and I've been wanting junk to eat. Chocolate, peanut butter, ice cream, chips, candy, soda....you name it. I haven't eaten all of those things, but I certainly want to! What I'm reflecting on, though, is are these foods actual cravings that I'm having, or is it out of habit that I want to eat them this week?

Before I started trying to lose weight, I would eat a lot of those foods during this week leading up to TOM's visit and in large portions. Last night I calculated the points for a bag of peanut butter M&M's, right around 40 points for the bag. Quite often I would eat an entire bag of those in a day or two during this time of the month! WHOA!!! I never wondered why I was overweight, I was always aware of it, but now that I calculate points and see what I was putting into my mouth, I understand it even more and am appalled that I did that to myself! Yuck!!!

It was out of habit that I allowed myself to eat like that every month, TOM was an excuse to get away with it. No longer do I feel that way, though, but I still find myself craving those foods. I'm not giving into those wants, but they are there and they're hard to push away. I know that every time I push the desire away, the closer I will be to another pound lost. Someone once said that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels and I finally believe that!


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