Monday, June 14, 2010

stream of consciousness

I feel like just writing and seeing what comes out tonight, so here goes...

I just glanced over at the TV and noticed that we're in a flood warning. The ticker on the bottom of the screen said, "Don't Drown!". I find that funny! I'm sure no one intends to drown in a flash flood. We're uphill and far far away from any bodies of water, so no worries for us. Lots of flooding around us, though, and more rain to come. I could use some serious sunshine!

Speaking of sunshine, I found out recently that I need more of it, and so does my son. Kids need to be on extra vitamin D  nowadays because of the super sunscreen we use. Check with your doctor and make sure that your kids are getting enough vitamin D. We don't need anyone getting rickets!

The Bachelorette is on right now and that Kasey's voice creeps me out. Poor guy can't hold a tune and sounds awful! Ali laughed at him when he sang, she was obviously so uncomfortable. Did you hear the crickets after his song? Why do these guys feel the need to sing to her?! I sing and I don't break out into song to my husband all of the time to show him my love. A kiss and a hug will do, guys! Ali wears a lot of yellow, doesn't she? Okay, now Kasey is acting like a gorilla. Please, Ali, don't give him a rose, he's a creepy guy. Okay, seriously,  now he's singing again! BAH!

I feel like I've been eating a lot lately, but when I count the points I've been just fine. The times are a changin'! I'm glad to have that feeling simply because it means I'm getting used to eating less. I've had weak feelings the last few days, wanting to pig out and eat lots of treats and chips, but I've resisted and have given myself small treats so as not to completely indulge, but satisfy those cravings. Tonight I've been chewing gum and drinking water and I don't have those desires to eat and eat. I need to buy more gum!

I've been searching for a used elliptical for about a week. I have some videos and a Wii Fit+, but I feel like those just aren't getting my heart rate up enough, so I want something more to use on the hot and humid days we've had lately and then in the winter. On nice days, I walk in my neighborhood. So, if you happen to be in the Omaha NE area and know of someone selling their elliptical for cheap, let me know. :o)  I really want one!


Sam said...

Fun post! Feels like girl talk, sometimes you just need girl talk! :)

Connie Weiss said...

Kasey's voice is horrible!!

I'm so bummed that you don't live closer and couldn't buy my elliptical. :(