Thursday, July 1, 2010

First 5K!

I did it! This morning, along with four great friends and all of our kids, I walked my first 5K! I pushed my son in our jogging stroller so that I could keep a good pace and keep going. It is kind of a bugger to steer, though, and I have blisters on my palms, but I don't care about that at all, I did it!

To the left is a picture of the path we took. It is a nice lake park not far from my house with a 5K trail all around it. There are some hills, but none too big for me to handle. There was a moment for me, right around 2.8 miles that I wanted to stop, but I had no choice but to keep going and I'm so glad I did!

Feeling good this morning and hoping for a loss on the scale tonight at my weigh-in. TOM is still waiting to come, so I have some bloating and such which I hope won't show on the scale. As long as I hit 25 pounds lost tonight, I'll be happy and that is only a loss of .2 pounds!



Sam said...

Congrats girl!!!!! That is SO fantastic. Isn't it just a liberating experience!!

Connie Weiss said...

Great job Annie!!

TOM is here and causing me pain!

T,V, W,I and G said...

So excited for you. You are powerful and brave. Hugs! -V