Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weigh-in Results July 22nd, 2010

I really wanted to lose at least one pound this past week. I was confident that I could do it, too, probably too confident. I've lost almost five pounds in a week before, surely one pound would be easy, right?! Well, I guess not! I did lose weight this week, but only .4 pound! It is almost laughable. I'm a little irritated with .4, but I'll take it and move forward.

I have to lose .6 pound this next week in order to make my goal of -30 by the 30th of this month. Here is how I plan on doing that:

  1. Keep drinking my water 
  2. Exercise at least 5 days this week. Walking 5K's is my preferred exercise, but it is so stinkin' hot outside that I'll be visiting with Jillian, I'm sure.
  3. No eating after 7:00 PM
  4. No soda for the rest of the week (after I finish the Diet Coke I'm drinking right now)
  5. Go to bed by 10:30 PM every night so that I have the energy to exercise in the morning!
  6. Keep tracking my WW points and staying on budget




♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

Sometimes losses like this happen, but it's still a loss so don't be too disappointed. :)

I weigh in a few hours from now, and I hope that I see something good on the scale too. ehehe

Next week should be awesome...just keep doing your thing! :)

Amy said...

I think you are very smart to outline a plan for how you're going to do it. I have 4 weeks until my 40th birthday and I want to lose 10 pounds by then. It's extreme, but since I'd basically be starting WW over and I haven't exercised in a while, I think it might be doable.

Sunny said...

.4 is great! Don't get discouraged, you are such an inspiration.

Ever tried to do a week of morning and evening workouts - the good 'ol 2 a days? I'll tell you, that can really kick off a few pounds, and because you've done them so far apart in the day, you don't really notice how tired you are!

Connie W said...

.4 is still very good!

Great goals!