Thursday, December 30, 2010

Free Food & More About Lemon Water

I bought some groceries yesterday and they looked so good I had to share pictures with you! Not one thing is worth any WW PointsPlus, they're all free!!! Yum-Yum!

  Pineapple is a favorite of my DH's. Bananas, apples and pears are some of mine along with clementines and, of course, I bought my lemons (2lb bag for $1.42 at Target yesterday = 10 lemons!). I also bought, but didn't photograph, strawberries, raspberries and lettuce.

Now a little more about the lemon water. I've had some questions asked! I'm not an expert on it by any means, I've only had it two days. :) But, you want to drink it lukewarm rather than cold or hot so that your body can better receive it and won't have to work very hard to digest it. You're drinking it to aid in digestion, so don't make your body work for it! Also, no you can't count lemon juice in a bottle or the little lemon-shaped bottle with the plastic green top. I just listed the price of my lemons above. That's only 14 cents each and you only use half a lemon per day! 7 cents a day is affordable for just about everyone, so use the real thing. :o) I don't know for sure, but I would think that using lemon juice also won't give you the same benefits because I would guess that it looses some vitamins in the bottling process. I don't know that for sure, but it's a guess as most foods do lose quality once they're messed with in anyway. My bag of lemon cost me $1.42 (US) and I got 10 lemons, that is 20 days worth! Get the real thing!



Lucy K said...

The fresh fruit looks fabulous!!

Sandy said...

Fresh pineapple is so good!