Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Walking Out

I weighed in yesterday and lost 0.6 this past week. It is going down in the right direction, so I'm happy with it. I've been battling some kind of weird illness for about six weeks, on and off. I've wanted a lot of carbohydrates along with it, so it has been a challenge to take care of myself to get better and lose weight, too. Of course my focus has been on trying to get better over losing weight lately, so the small losses recently are okay with me.

I celebrated a NSV a few days ago and had to write about it here. I had to laugh at myself when I literally walked right out of my pajama pants! The walk from my bedroom to the bathroom is short, but down went the pants on the way! Thankfully Christmas is coming and hopefully some new PJ's, too! :-)



Kelly said...

You are looking absolutely fabulous!!

And you're not the first person I've seen asking for new pj's!! Tis the season for baggy pants!

Christine said...

Yeah! nothing better than having to buy new pants cause the old ones are TOO BIG. wahoo. Hope you get a nice pair..flannel is awesome this time of year.