Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Confession on Exercise

A reader of mine, who blogs at Healthy Happy & Wise, commented on my recent "Eat and Lose" post.

"Hi, just curious how much exercise you do while being on weight watchers? I think it's important to mention your exercise too (i'm assuming you are getting exercise to lose weight) but don't want to give people the wrong idea that you can achieve weight loss without doing the exercise.."

To answer that question honestly, I don't exercise. I've gone to the gym on and off, I've walked 5K's around a lake and my neighborhood (even did a 10K once not too long ago), I've shredded with Jillian Michaels, but I don't exercise consistently by any means. I should. I want to, but if I'm being honest...I don't. That said, I am the mother to an almost 5 year old boy who keeps me busy. I get a lot of walking done while grocery shopping, running other errands, and certainly keep busy cleaning my house. I move and I move a lot, but as far as structured exercise goes, when I really get my heart rate up and sweat,...not very often. It is something I'm striving to change because it is important to incorporate it into my new lifestyle, but it has been something I've struggled with as far as making the time to actually do it.

So, yes it certainly is possible to lose weight without a lot of structured exercise. I've done it. BUT...I don't recommend it.  I recommend getting exercise, getting that heart rate up and breaking a sweat. I just don't want to be hypocritical and pretend that is what I do because, in all honesty, I don't. Not yet, anyway...I'm working on it!

If you want to read some great tips to help you get back into exercise, read this!



Lisa said...

I am actually so glad you posted this! I was wondering how much you had been working out... Yes I am doing my best to incorporate working out, but some weeks I am great and other weeks it falls by the wayside.
And I do know it is so important! BUT its so hard to fit in... I try to go in the morning because in the evenings when my husband is there I want to be with him not working out.

Annie said...

Lisa, I went at 5AM once and LOVED it. But, then my DH left for business travel and I can't go at that time with my son. I need to pay for the childcare at my gym and make it part of my morning before he goes to school at noon, but I just haven't done it yet! There's no excuse, I just haven't done it. :|

Jennifer said...

I haven't really been exercising consistently either. I'm still losing, but I'm sure I'd see better results overall if I made exercise a part of my daily routine.

One of the ten tips from the blog you shared talks about avoiding the "all or nothing" mentality and that is me in a nutshell! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, first of all thanks for replying to my question. Never been quoted before lol! After reading your blog I had questions about Weight Watchers. I've never tried it, know people who have tried it and loved it but what I wanted to know is it something that is healthy and you can do long-term? I have some guest-bloggers who write on my blog so I sent them the question - they are fitness experts, a dietitian and a nutritionist. I am posting their answers tomorrow on my blog.. would love if you'd check it out and comment yourself on what they say. I like getting feedback from all aspects, including people who are actually doing the program.. it will be up at 8am... if you know anyone else who also does weight watchers please send them the link and get them joined into the conversation! Thanks!

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

I really enjoy exercising, it makes me feel great! I just can't find the energy to start.

Kimberlynn said...

Hi Annie,
It's hard to believe, but I've grown to love exercise over the past nine months. I walk for the most part. My walks are more than just exercise time though, they've grown into a time for me to pray and think.

Before I go I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE your blog!


Anonymous said...

did you see this article...



I've been reading your blog for awhile now, you are such an inspiration. I've lost 18 pounds so far in 3 months (and 35 more to go!). While I'm not in weight watchers, I do measure, write down, and account for all calories I eat and make sure I stay around my set allotment each day, and it's working!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Stumbling upon your blog one night back in January showed me that I don't have to know tons of nutrition knowledge, I don't have to have an expensive gym membership, and I don't have to be tortured with hunger while I lose weight ... you are living proof that slow and steady wins the race and it's working!

Seeing your year long progress on your blog finally clicked inside my head for the first time in life (unlike all the other times that I tried to diet and failed) ... I finally got it, that this is a change of life, a journey, that will add up to great success after months/years, it's not a quick fix that'll get me into those jeans by summer (like the magazines tell me!).