Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eat and Lose

Weight Watchers gives me 34 points a day plus 49 points that I can use throughout the week. If I had started on the new WW PointsPlus program, I would have started with 45 points per day, plus the weekly 49. That is a lot of food to eat and lose weight. Weight Watchers is just so great like that. As long as I'm making good food choices, I can eat quite a bit each day. If I feel like indulging I can do that, too...and still lose weight! Here is what I ate yesterday:

Three eggs, scrambled 6
1/4 cup 1% milk (in the eggs) 1
Bagel Thin 3
Laughing Cow garlic herb cheese wedge (spread onto the bagel) 1

3 cups of whole wheat pasta 13
Prego marinara sauce, 1 cup 5

1 slice of light bread 1
deli turkey breast 1
1/2 slice of cheese 0
1/4 tbsp brummel & brown spread 0
Pop Chips, 1 oz 3

jello dark chocolate pudding cup 2

water and one 12oz diet coke 0

Daily Total: 36

Lunch was my indulgence. Pasta was a craving that I gave into knowing that I could "afford" it if I had a light dinner (1/2 a turkey sandwich). No fruit or veggies yesterday, I really need to be better about having more of them! Yesterday's breakfast wasn't typical for me. My breakfast is usually a Fiber One bar with fruit or a bowl of cereal with fruit. To use my 49 weekly points, I splurge on high carb foods like pasta or pizza or an ice cream treat (smart ones or skinny cow). I love peanut butter, but it costs a lot of points so I use the 49 for that. It is okay to indulge like that and still lose weight. Those 49 weekly points are there to use! I figure if I use them now and lose weight, then I'll continue to lose weight and be able to eat them as I get closer to my goal. In the 10 1/2 months that I've been a Weight Watcher, I've never felt hungry or deprived. Not once! WW isn't a diet. Diets are temporary. Weight Watchers is for life. It isn't something you can start and expect to have continued success if you don't commit to it for the long haul. Weight Watchers allows you to eat whatever you want. No going "cold-turkey" on anything. What some chocolate cake or a glass of wine? Go ahead! Just don't eat the entire cake  or drink the entire bottle! Be accountable for everything you eat, track it, and you'll have success that is long-lasting. It is possible to indulge and lose weight!



Laura (wonderwife!) said...

Hi Annie, I'm also a WWer and yes, it definitely works! You are doing great and have made amazing progress! I'm actually commenting because of Peanut Butter, hehe! Have you ever heard of (or tried) PB2? It's powdered peanut butter that you mix with water and it's INCREDIBLE! Best of all... 2 Tbsp = 1 PointPlus!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just curious how much exercise you do while being on weight watchers? I think it's important to mention your exercise too (i'm assuming you are getting exercise to lose weight) but don't want to give people the wrong idea that you can achieve weight loss without doing the exercise..