Friday, March 18, 2011

Wonder Woman

I saw this cartoon on someone's facebook page and thought it was too funny! There are times during this journey that I have felt like Wonder Woman, able to tackle any challenge! Cookies? No problem! Ice cream? Who needs it?! Gain on the scale? I'll lose it next week! Other times I feel like The Invisible Man is holding me down and I just can't get over a craving, negative thought or other challenge.

What do I do when when the Invisible Man is messing with me? I often pray about it and find the challenge to be no big deal. Other times I give into the craving and find it wasn't so bad after all. Sometimes I binge and eat well into my 49 weekly points. I'm always accountable for whatever it is I eat, though. I always, yes I can say always, track everything that goes into my mouth. Tracking is my super power! I've been going to Weight Watchers meetings every single week for 10 1/2 months. Many times I've heard people in the meetings complain about how they hate to track their points. That is what Weight Watchers is all about. Well, no, that isn't what it is all about as there's much more to it than that, but it is a HUGE part of the WW program. If you're not tracking what you're eating, then you can't be successful. It is like having money in a bank account and spending and spending and spending without keeping track of it and then not knowing how you ended up in bankruptcy (a gain on the scale)! You wouldn't do that with your money, why in the world would you do that with your food? Track your food intake and you'll see results. Use the super power that tracking is and don't let the Invisible Man get the best of you!



Lisa said...

Love this post! I swear the invisible man messes with me all the time... I am pretty surehe is just standing on the scale with me :)

But I agree that tracking is fundamental to losing the weight. Have you ever taken a bite of something and thought "If I don't write this down then I really didn't eat it?" I have... and thats why i have to write it down! If i don't then I am lost. I love how easy points are too! Its so much easier and real to me than calorie counting

The Grammy Blog said...

So true...if you don't track EVERYTHING you'll be shocked if you go back & do it after you've gained the weight. We eat way more than we realize!

Lucy K said...

Annie I absolutely love the new "look" on your blog. I am pretty sure of two things and those are; The invisible man has not left my scale for the past month and I love the analogy that you used about money and not tracking it.
Thank you so much for always being real and I love the "Don't wish for it, work for it". I might have to adopt that motto.