Saturday, March 26, 2011


This is my new bracelet. Since I started Weight Watchers nearly a year ago, I have been thinking of a unique way to reward myself for my hard work and success. New, smaller, clothes are always fun, but I consider them a necessity not a reward. A few weeks ago I discovered Pandora bracelets and fell in love. I love jewelry and the charms are reasonably priced so this was something I could afford. I did my homework on them and scoured the internet for ideas and inspiration on which charms to get. I thought that I had seen these bracelets at my local Kay Jewelers, where I get my rings cleaned and repaired, so DH and I went in to check them out. Well, Kay doesn't carry Pandora, but they do carry a system just like it called Charmed Memories.  They are a little less expensive and the look and quality is the same. Perfect! The bracelet and charms are sterling silver, the crystals are genuine Swarovski, and beads like my pink one are Murano glass. I've decided that I will get one charm for every 10 pounds I lose. I can't afford to get seven charms for the 70 I've already lost, so I started with three for the first 30 (which I accomplished back in July!) today. I'll add to it little by little and will end with either a dangling star or butterfly. The two end pieces are stoppers to keep the beads from sliding around...they don't count as rewards. ;o) The cross is my first charm because Jesus comes first in my life and without Him, nothing is possible.

How do you reward yourself for goals met or other successes?



Laura (wonderwife!) said...

Hi Annie! I'm so happy you like the PB2! I think I'm gonna have to take out stock in it because I tore right through my first 2 jars and already need more!

I wish I would have done "rewards" for myself other than clothes. I think the bracelet/charm idea is great! You have a constant reminder of your successes so far, and at the same time, it could be used as a deterrent if you catch yourself in an "unhealthy" situation :)

Annie said...

Hi Laura! Stock would be a good idea, I love the stuff and am so happy you shared it with me!

It isn't too late to reward yourself with something other than new clothes. New clothes are nice, but you NEED them, something special is nice, and you deserve it with all of your hard work. :) I love your point that my bracelet will be a reminder of my success AND a deterrent, too. I hadn't thought of that, but you're so right. :o)

Kimberlynn said...

I love this idea...not only because it's a reward for your hardwork, but a reminder of how far you've come. It could also be used as an "anchor" which is one of the WW tools. Thanks for sharing this idea. I may end up doing this myself!

Have a blessed weekend!!!

Chubby McGee said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie!

I just found your blog through someone elses online...I have 2 Pandora charms on my bracelet so far and am following WW too!

I am 4.5 lbs from my next charm:)


Sarah Kopf said...

I love this idea! Good thinking! (My first charm would have been the same choice as yours... :)