Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fresh Look

There's just something about March 1st that makes me want to throw open the windows, dig out my flip-flops, clean my house, and have a fresh look! I thought I'd take that enthusiasm for spring and give my blog a little face lift, too. I got this template free, see the little button on the bottom left sidebar or click here, and think it's cute, fun, and fresh. It is called "Domestic Diva", which is something I strive toward, but fail miserably. :o) Hope you like the new look, if you're a steady reader of mine you know that I often change looks, but I think this one will stay around for awhile!


1 comment:

Eve said...

Love the look, Annie! I changed my design to this last night! Lol I think it's a great template! :-)