Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weight Matters

As I've mentioned before I'm in a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. A friend of mine, and fellow Weight Watcher, is our coordinator for the group and she wrote an article for our March newsletter about body image and how God doesn't look at your body, but looks at your heart. The first sentence of her article was "I weigh ...". Wow. That article goes out to our entire MOPs group of 60 or so women and the staff of the church where we meet. I found it to be so brave of her to share her weight so openly. It wasn't something that she thought would be fun, but she prayed about it and felt led to share it in that article to drive home the point that the number on the scale just doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to God, anyway, and all too often too much emphasis is put on that number. Her article got me thinking about how much emphasis I put on that number. Here I am blogging about my weight-loss and sharing a lot about myself here, but never the numbers that show on the scale week after week. Why does it matter? It doesn't! Today at our WW meeting, one of our members actually said THAT NUMBER out loud to the whole group. No one does that, not even at WW meetings! I applauded her! After reading my friend's article and hearing the lady at our meeting say her number...I've decided to share mine. It doesn't matter. It doesn't change who I am. I am a child of God and am wonderfully made.

My starting weight was 292 pounds. My starting jeans size was 24.
My current weight is 214.8 pounds. My current jeans size is 16.

Weight Watchers gives me a healthy weight range goal of 128-160, so I have at least 55 more pounds to lose. You can see all of my weekly weights on the side bar.

I hope that in sharing this information about myself that you'll be inspired to put less emphasis on the number on the scale and put more emphasis on your health and your heart (your soul). What matters is what is inside of you, not what the scale says.

Thanks for reminding me what matters, C...you're a treasure!



Lisa said...

Great Post! And very Brave post! Thank you for sharing this! And than you for inspiring my to get back to weight watchers... its what I needed!

Kendra said...

Annie, I am a first time visitor here, but thank you for being so honest! I kind of figure that just because i don't say the number out loud doesn't mean that it's any different. Does that make sense? Whether or not I tell people how much I weigh, I still weigh the same. So why not share and be honest. You just may inspire somebody in the mean time. Way to go with your weight loss so far!

Tammy said...

You just took the step that I have been unable to take! I was called to task when I first started my blog because I didn't post my weight. I'm still not sure I will, but I admire those of you who can!

Jennifer said...

I've always felt it's important to be real. Real about my faith, real about my life, and, now that I'm in ww, real about my journey. I'm so glad to hear you have found that freedom! Don't let fear get in your way! That is something I constantly battle. We're about the same number/size right now! Fun! :) I'm 213 / size 16.

Holly said...

Thank you for this post, it really touched me. I'm on steering for a MOPS group, and I always try to be real with the other moms, but sharing about losing weight with WW has been hard for me. I finally opened up about it this week and I now have a group of cheerleaders and a walking buddy :-)